Our first attempt at a Swedish fire log was a smashing success.

burns for hours and it looks beautiful.

Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world. Choose the one who makes your world beautiful.
Mark Patterson (via kushandwizdom)
Be so blunt that they could smoke your truth
Mark Patterson (via kushandwizdom)
Anonymous asked:
Ah I love your blog on Sundays.

I’m a protective, paranoid, overthinking, creative, loving, passionate, hypocritical piece of shit and I know it. Know yourself.
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Everything Love


Everything Love


She has the nerve to say i’m the one who can’t be friends, Sorry i wish i would of know that before we had sex and before you said yes to a date, I guess i’m the rare kind of person that only sleeps with people i care about. At main event with her i had so much fun, we were flirting and everything was just too good to be true. We layed in the hammock together and it was stupid because clearly we weren’t doing it right and it didnt matter because i just was happy with laying there with her. And cuddeling in that uncomfortble ass bed was something i wont forget, idk why, nothing happened, but something about her sky blue dress and the way her hair looked just gets me weak inside. But she’s making bad decisions in her life, and maybe thats why she doesnt want me, because im the right choice. That feels arrogant and pompous just thinking aout it. I must be some sort of fucking loser, she treats me bad and i just want her more, all her imperfections are just things that make her different from every other girl out there. Why dont girls want to be loved by me, whats wrong with me, i am short. Im a 22 year old who;s 5’3” and i look 17. I cant bame her i guess, im a fucking loser and i done belong in the same room with her. Yeah so i guess i cant be friends with her. she’s right, shit. 

What do I do

I don’t know anymore. She’s so awesome but i dont even think it’s worth the effort anymore. I tried being the best i could be for her but that wasn’t enough. I don’t even want to be friends anymore, i don’t even fell like we ever were friends, we know nothing about each other. I tried making attempts to hang out with her but something always happened and we never just hung out one on one, it;s like you never wanted to. I wish you would of just told me from the start i was a rebound, because it would of saved me a lot of time and energy. I feel like you took my friendship and my kindness for granted, you lied to me on many different occasions and, bottom line, i’m not friends with people who betray my trust. I wish things were different because i can see someone inside of you, but clearly that’s not who you are. When you get older hopefully you’ll learn from this and you won’t do this to anyone else. But i only have 3 shifts left so after that you won’t have to see me again.